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Sources: Archaeological Sources (23)

Exploration (2)

Epigraphy (1)

Numismatics (5)

Monuments Literary Sources (13)

Foreign Accounts (2)

Pre-History and Proto-History (15)

Geographical Factors (8)

Beginning of Agriculture (7)

Indus Valley Civilization (47)

Origin (46)

Art and Architecture (1)

Megalithic Cultures (3)

Distribution of Pastoral and Farming Cultures Outside the Indus (1)

Development of Agriculture (1)

Pottery (1)

Aryans and Vedic Period (17)

Vedic Period (10)

Evolution of Monarchy and Varna System (7)

Period of Mahajanapadas (40)

Formation of States (31)

Rise of Magadha and Nandas (6)

Iranian and Macedonian Invasions and Their Impact (3)

Mauryan Empire (31)

Foundation of the Mauryan Empire (8)

Ashoka (4)

Concept of Dharma (1)

Polity (1)

Administration (2)

Economy (1)

Art (1)

Architecture and Sculpture (5)

External Contacts (1)

Spread of Religion (1)

Literature (1)

Disintegration of the Empire (1)

Sungas and Kanvas (4)

Post - Mauryan Period (15)

Contact with Outside World (1)

Economy (1)

Mahayana (3)

Social Conditions (1)

Art (8)

Culture (1)

Early State and Society in Eastern India, Deccan and South India (21)

Kharavela (1)

The Satavahanas (1)

Administration (1)

Economy (1)

Coinage (1)

Sangam Literature and Culture (15)

Art and Architecture (1)

Guptas, Vakatakas and Vardhanas (4)

Land Grants (2)

Indian Feudalism (1)

Education and Educational Institutions (1)

Regional States During Gupta Era (27)

Pallavas (1)

Chalukyas of Badami (1)

Polity and Administration (3)

Literature (1)

Growth of Vaishnava and Saiva Religions (11)

Cultural Aspects (10)

Themes in Early Indian Cultural History (4)

Languages and Texts (1)

Major Stages in the Evolution of Art and Architecture (1)

Major Philosophical Thinkers and Schools (1)

Ideas in Science and Mathematics (1)

The Thirteenth Century: Establishment of the Delhi Sultanate (19)

The Ghurian Invasions (19)

The Fourteenth Century (39)

The Khalji Revolution (39)

Society, Culture and Economy in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries (29)

Composition of Rural Society (5)

Ruling Classes (3)

Town Dwellers (2)

Religious Classes (4)

Bhakti Movement (5)

Sufi Movement (8)

Economy (2)

The Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century (37)

The Vijayanagra Empire (10)

Mughal Empire (6)

Babur and Humayun (10)

The Sur Empire (11)

The Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Century - Society and Culture (71)

Conquests and Consolidation of the Empire (68)

Establishment of Jagir and Mansab Systems (3)

Mughal Empire in the Seventeenth Century (17)

Nature of the Mughal State (2)

Late Seventeenth Century Crisis and the Revolts (10)

Shivaji and the Early Maratha Kingdom (5)

Economy and Society in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (8)

English and French Companies (8)

Culture in the Mughal Empire (37)

Persian Histories and Other Literature (13)

Mughal Architecture (7)

Mughal Painting (10)

Classical Music (7)

The Eighteenth Century (4)

The Regional Principalities (1)

Awadh (1)

Maratha Ascendancy under the Peshwas (2)

European Penetration into India (8)

The Portuguese and the Dutch (2)

The English and the French East India Companies (2)

Their Struggle for Supremacy (2)

Bengal -The Conflict between the English and the Nawabs of Bengal (2)

British Expansion in India (4)

Mysore (1)

The Marathas (3)

Early Structure of the British Raj (8)

The Early Administrative Structure (1)

From Diarchy to Direct Control (3)

The Voice of Free Trade and the Changing Character of British Colonial Rule (1)

The English Utilitarian and India (3)

Economic Impact of British Colonial Rule (21)

Land Revenue Settlements in British India (3)

Commercialization of Agriculture (2)

Rise of Landless Agrarian Labourers (1)

Impoverishment of the Rural Society (1)

De-Industrialisation (2)

Decline of Traditional Crafts (1)

Drain of Wealth (3)

Economic Transformation of India (1)

Railroad and Communication Network Including Telegraph and Postal Services (2)

Famine and Poverty in the Rural Interior (2)

European Business Enterprise and Its Limitations (3)

Social and Cultural Developments (9)

Orientalist - Anglicist Controversy (1)

The Introduction of Western Education in India (3)

The Rise of Press (1)

Literature and Public Opinion (1)

The Rise of Modern Vernacular Literature (1)

Christian Missionary Activities in India (2)

Social and Religious Reform Movements in Bengal and Other Areas (15)

Ram Mohan Roy (2)

The Young Bengal Movement (1)

The Social Reform Movements in India Including Sati (7)

Widow Remarriage, Child Marriage Etc (2)

Contribution of Indian Renaissance to Modern Indian Growth (1)

Islamic Revivalism - The Feraizi and Wahabi Movements (2)

Indian Response to British Rule (3)

Peasant Movements and Tribal Uprisings in 18th-19th Century-Rangpur Dhing (1783) (2)

The Great Revolt of 1857 - Origin (1)

Factors Leading to the Birth of Indian Nationalism (2)

Programme and Objectives of Early Congress (1)

The Swadeshi Movement in Bengal (1)

Rise of Gandhi (7)

Character of Gandhian Nationalism (2)

Nationalism and the Peasant Movements (1)

Nationalism and Working Class Movements (1)

Constitutional Developments in the Colonial India between 1858 and 1935 (5)

Other Strands in the National Movement the Revolutionaries (6)

Outside India (2)

The Left (2)

The Congress Socialist Party (1)

The Communist Party of India (1)

Politics of Separatism; The Muslim League (2)

Communalism and the Politics of Partition (1)

Independence (1)

Consolidation as a Nation; Nehru's Foreign Policy; India and Her Neighbours (1947-1964) (3)

State Linguistic Re-Organisation (1935-1947) (1)

Regionalism and Regional Inequality (1)

Integration of Princely States (1)

Caste and Ethnicity After 1947 (1)

Dalit Movements (1)

Enlightenment and Modern Ideas (4)

Major Ideas of Enlightenment (2)

Spread of Enlightenment in the Colonies (1)

Spread of Marxian Socialism (1)

Industrialization (2)

Industrialization and Globalization (2)

Imperialism and Colonialism (1)

South and South-East Asia (1)

The World After World War II (1)

Emergence of Two Power Blocs (1)

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