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We have a total of 1765 Study Material available on IAS (Admin.) Mains Geography. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Geomorphology (278)

Factors Controlling Landform Development (39)

Endogenetic and Exogenetic Forces (29)

Origin and Evolution of the Earth's Crust (45)

Geosynclines (6)

Continental Drift (17)

Recent Views on Mountain Building (8)

Vulcanicity (11)

Earthquakes and Tsunamis (11)

Concepts of Geomorphic Cycles and Landscape Development (31)

Denudation Chronology (3)

Channel Morphology (3)

Slope Development (9)

Applied Geomorphology (14)

Fluvial Landforms (16)

Aeolian Landforms (4)

Karst Landforms (8)

Coastal Landforms (9)

Glacial Landforms (15)

Climatology (84)

Temperature and Pressure Belts of the World (32)

Heat Budget of the Earth (4)

Atmospheric Stability and Instability (4)

Monsoons and Jet Streams (5)

Air Masses and Frontogenesis (15)

Types and Distribution of Precipitation (5)

Koppen's, Thornthwaite's and Trewartha's Classification (5)

Hydrological Cycle (1)

Global Climatic Change and Role of Man (12)

Applied Climatology and Urban Climate (1)

Oceanography (61)

Bottom Topography of the Atlantic, Indian & Pacific Ocean (12)

Temperature and Salinity of Oceans (9)

Heat and Salt Budgets (4)

Ocean Deposits (4)

Currents and Tides (11)

Coral Reefs (6)

Sea-Level Changes (9)

Law of the Sea and Marine Pollution (6)

Biogeography (50)

Genesis of Soils (20)

Factors Influencing World Distribution of Plants and Animals (18)

Major Gene Pool Centers (12)

Environmental Geography (97)

Principle of Ecology (27)

Global and Regional Ecological Changes and Imbalances (1)

Ecosystem Their Management and Conservation (28)

Environmental Policy (14)

Environmental Hazards and Remedial Measures (27)

Perspectives in Human Geography (202)

Areal Differentiation (6)

Dichotomy and Dualism (11)

Quantitative Revolution and Locational Analysis (6)

Radical, Behavioral, Human and Welfare Approaches (13)

Cultural Regions of the World (19)

History of Geographical Thought (147)

Economic Geography (140)

World Economic Development (14)

World Resources and Their Distribution (58)

Energy Crisis (5)

World Agriculture & Typology (23)

Agricultural Inputs and Productivity (11)

Food and Nutrition Problems (2)

World Industries (8)

Patterns of World Trade (19)

Population and Settlement Geography (118)

Growth and Distribution of World Population (11)

Demographic Attributes (4)

Causes and Consequences of Migration (7)

Population Theories (4)

World Population Problems and Policies (6)

Types and Patterns of Rural Settlements (3)

Hierarchy of Urban Settlements (21)

Urban Morphology - Primate City & Rank Size Rule (1)

Functional Classification of Towns (5)

Sphere of Urban Influence (6)

Rural - Urban Fringe (6)

Problems and Remedies of Urbanization (38)

Sustainable Development of Cities (6)

Regional Planning (39)

Concept of a Region (15)

Types of Regions and Methods of Regionalization (23)

Regional Imbalances (1)

Models, Theories and Laws in Human Geography (85)

Malthusian (3)

Marxian and Demographic Transition Models (3)

Central Place Theories of Christaller and Losch (9)

Von Thunen's Model of Agricultural Location (6)

Weber's Model of Industrial Location (13)

Political Geography (Heartland and Rimland Theories) (40)

Laws of International Boundaries and Frontiers (11)

Physical Setting- India (88)

Structure and Relief (22)

Mechanism of Indian Monsoons and Rainfall Patterns (42)

Natural Vegetation (13)

Soil Types and Their Distributions (11)

Resources- India (51)

Surface and Ground Water (17)

Minerals (20)

Biotic and Marine Resources (4)

Forest and Wild Life Resources and Their Conservation (10)

Agriculture- India (136)

Institutional Factors (40)

Cropping Pattern (8)

Agricultural Productivity (55)

Green Revolution & Implications (14)

Agricultural Regionalization (7)

Agro-Climatic Zones (12)

Industry- India (63)

New Industrial Policies (63)

Transport, Communication and Trade- India (72)

Railway (39)

Trade Balance (15)

Developments in ICT (18)

Cultural Setting- India (81)

Historical Perspective of Indian Society (10)

Major Tribes, Tribal Areas and Their Problems (10)

Demographic Attributes (57)

Migration (4)

Settlements- India (38)

Types, Patterns and Morphology of Rural Settlements (38)

Regional Development and Planning- India (71)

Planning for Backward, Tribal & Drought Areas (71)

Contemporary Issues- India (11)

Environmental Hazards (9)

Environmental Degradation (2)

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