Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration [IAS (Admin.) IAS Mains GS Paper 4 (Ethics)]: Questions 55 - 55 of 59

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Question 55

Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration

Appeared in Year: 2019

Describe in Detail


A state-of-the-art technology product is to be launched by a leading company on a widely advertised date, simultaneously at different locations in the country, for the first time. There is fantastic customer response and heavy bookings for the product.

A big event is planned in Pune for the launch to which a large number of dignitaries, customers and media have been invited, thus ensuring extensive press coverage. The manager՚s career hinges on the success of the event and the launch.

Three days before the scheduled launch date, the manager՚s deputy tells him that the trucks transporting the product have been detained at the Octroi post outside Pune, ostensibly for want of some documents, and the Octroi inspector is demanding a bribe for clearance of the consignment.

“Should we pay the bribe?” the deputy manager asks the manager. What should the manager do? Discuss the course of action he can take. Keep in mind, that this is not an isolated incident. These kinds of things happen a lot in the country where a bribe is demanded for “quick solutions” . Discuss an approach, which can be followed in such situations.


We need to discuss the various ethical dimensions involved and the actors likely to be effected by the decision.

The deputy manager may face a number of ethical dilemmas that may complicate his decision.

  • Should the deputy manager do anything, legal or illegal, in order to ensure a successful launch … ? Or should he act within bounds of the law and et…

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