Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration [IAS (Admin.) IAS Mains GS Paper 4 (Ethics)]: Questions 54 - 54 of 59

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Question 54

Civil Service Values and Ethics in Public Administration

Appeared in Year: 2019

Describe in Detail


Ganga is a software engineer working for Alsec Technologies. She was thrilled to receive a job offer from their competitor, Novatex Systems, whom she greatly admired both as an industry leader and as an ideal employer. The position that was offered was just what she had always wanted. She discussed the offer with her husband Vishnu. He raised couple of questions, which began to trouble her. He asked her about the big project that she had been working on. He reminded her that she was the driving force behind the project. He said, if you leave Alsec now, they could be in big trouble. Vishnu wondered whether her leaving would not be a let down to the company and the whole project team.

She had done well in Alsec and the company had treated her well. The issue is what is right for you to do, and not what the company would or would not do. Both are competing firms. It’s like switching sides. It’s not just loyalty to the company, but to the people you work with. Novatex needed somebody right away. But they gave her some more time to think about the offer. It was a big opportunity as far as she was concerned. Her conversations with Vishnu had troubled her and she started wondering whether she would be right in accepting an offer which she had wanted so much.

What should Ganga Do? What ideals, obligations and effects should she take into account?

Would it be unprofessional of Ganga to drop everything and move to Novatex? Would it show lack of integrity? Could moving abruptly have negative career consequences for her?

Is it morally wrong, morally permissible or morally required to take up the new job? Examine Ganga’s choice.

To answer the above Questions consider the following

What Are the Relevant Facts?

1. Ganga is a software engineer working for Alsec, but currently she is not in a job that she always wanted.

2. She received an offer from Novatex, but her husband reminded her about how important she is for Alsec at this moment.

3. She passed comments about her colleague who switched sides of the competing firm.

What Are the Ethical Issues? 1. Should Ganga join Novatec despite the fact that she is the driving force of the current project? 2. On what grounds should Ganga’s decision should be taken?


Possible Solution

Currently, Ganga’s present employer considers her a top performer and treats her well. A competing company wants her. She has the right to listen to their offer.

She hit a career plateau and this dangled position represents a growth opportunity, and she owe it to herself to hear what they offer, driven by curiosity or career ambitio

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