Indian Economy and Issues-Growth [IAS (Admin.) IAS Mains GS Paper 3 (Science-Tech, Economy, Environment, & Disaster Management)]: Questions 12 - 13 of 13

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Question 12


Describe in Detail


Recently, the Union ministry of power advised the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) to set up a committee to look into issues related to open access and brought out a consultation paper based on the committee՚s findings. What do you understand by open access? Examine the merits and demerits of this policy. (250 Words)



Open Access means the non-discriminatory provision for the use of transmission lines or distribution system or associated facilities with such lines or system by any licensee or consumer or a person engaged in generation in accordance with the regulations specified by the Appropriate Commission.

Salient Features of OA:

  • Commercial mechani…

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Question 13


Describe in Detail


Discuss the potential and prospects of tourism industry to revive the Indian economic growth and employment. (250 Words)



Despite its rich and varied history, India has not been able to tap this industry effectively due to myriad of problems like general cleanliness, functional and tidy budget accommodation, food hygiene and safety of women remain major challenges.

Potential and Prospects:

  • Generating Income and Employment: Tourism in India has emerged as an i…

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