IAS (Admin.) IAS Mains GS Paper 2 (Governance, Polity, Social Justice, & IR) Governance and Polity-Parliament and State Legislatures Study Material (Page 30 of 46)

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Vote on Account, Interim Budget, Vote of Credit, Exceptional Grant, Supplementary Demands/Grants, Joint Sittings


Vote on Account

  • Article 116 empowers the Lok Sabha to make any grant in advance for a part of any financial year pending the completion of the Budgetary Process.
  • A vote on account would be necessary to cover government՚s expenditure for the period between the budget being presented and its being passed.
  • A vote on account only pertains to the expenditure side.
  • It is very different from the annual budget. The annual budget not only mentions the expenditure but also spells out how money is to be raised.

Interim Budget

  • An interim budget is a statement of accounts that does not incorporate changes in the taxation rates from the …

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Voting and Defection, on SC/st/BCs


Voting and Defection

  • In order to avoid defection, the commission has suggested that for motions like a vote of confidence or no confidence, vote of thanks to the President or Governor or a money bill, the members would cast their votes individually but the result would be decided by adding the values of ‘bloc-votes’ and not by adding the individual votes.
  • As per these provisions, every political party in the House shall have only one bloc vote.
  • In order to curtail the discretionary power of the President, the commission clearly says that the leader of the House should be elected on the f…

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