IAS (Admin.) IAS Mains GS Paper 2 (Governance, Polity, Social Justice, & IR) Constitution-Features Study Material (Page 7 of 17)

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Non-Justiciable Rights of Citizen, Socialistic, Liberal Intellectualistic, Gandhian


Non-Justiciable Rights of Citizen

  • Art 39 (a) Right to adequate means of livelihood Art. 39 A: Equal Justice and free aid ⚹
  • inserted by 42nd Amendment, 1976 Art. 39 (e) , (f) : Right against economic exploitation
  • Art. 39 (d) : Right for equal pay for equal work for both sexes.
  • Art. 41: Right to work, right to public insurance and social security Art. 42: Right to human condition of work and maternity relief.
  • Art. 43: Right to a living wage and decent standard of life Art. 43 A: Workers right to participate in industrial management


(1) Adequate means of livelihood for all citizens {Art. 39 (a) }

(2) Ownership and control of material resources of the c…

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Laws and “Laws in Force” , Can FRs be Amended? , Classification of FRs, Right to Equality, Article 14


Laws and “Laws in Force”

(a) Law includes ordinance, order, byelaw, regulation, notification, custom and usage and even the executive order issued by an officer by an executive officer.

(b) But it does not include administrative directions or instructions issued by the Government for the guidance of its officers.

(c) It does not include departmental instructions. Whereas Laws in force denote all prior and existing laws passed by the legislature or other competent authority which have not been repealed notwithstanding the fact that are not in operation wholly or in part throughout India.

Can FRs…

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