Examrace IAS Mains Essay 2020-2021 Test: Written Test with Comprehensive Feedback (English)

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  6. Finish the tests properly keeping time.
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  8. Subsequently go on to complete the remaining questions.
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  • Interpreting the question correctly.
  • Understand how to fit the answer within the space given.
  • Forming a connected answer by prioritize subject matter.
  • Recognizing and providing contemporary examples.
  • Best arguing your point of view.
  • Drawing diagrams.
  • Using colored pens.

Tips Before You Start

Watch our video:

How to Score Well in Long-Answer Type Questions?

Note the following tips for scoring well in the test series and real exam

  1. Train yourself to form the structure and gather key thoughts on the answer as soon as you read the question.
  2. Distinguish the questions key words: critically examine, discuss, illustrate, argue, justify etc. Your answer, writing style, and formation should follow this keyword.
  3. The beginning and end of the answer should be very compelling. The beginning should force the examiner to read more and ending force him to give marks!
  4. Questions should exactly on the question, make a case, and then stick to one point of view. Do not get confused midway through the answer.
  5. Write legibly and neatly, preferably, use colored pens.
  6. Make sure that sentences and paragraphs are complete and logically connected. The ideas should be prioritized and each paragraph should focus on one topic.
  7. A picture can speak a thousand words. Draw diagrams and maps, preferably towards the beginning of an answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Other institutes are getting my copies evaluated by other students?

Ans: Unlike other institutes, we guarantee that your copies are evaluated by a renowned expert instructor- you even get a phone call with detailed feedback and improvement tips.

Q. How close are these questions to real exam?

Ans: With recent changes in UPSC IAS, final pattern is evolving each year. The recent focus is on contemporary topics. No matter how many books you read, it is vital to practice questions like above based on GS. Closer to exam these and similar high expectancy questions will be discussed on Examrace YouTube Channel.

Q. Can I choose the time of my improvement call?

Ans: Yes, we can schedule your call at a time convenient for both you and the instructor.

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