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India in the emerging Global Order

“The next century belongs to India, which will become a unique intellectual powerhouse… capturing all its glory, which it had in millennia gone by”. These words of Dr Raghunath Mashelkar, Director General of India’s Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, shows the new vigour and confidence prevailing in the country, on its march to have a stake in the emerging new global order. In the upcoming global order, what the world has been witnessing is a revolution of rising expectat

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Enlightenment is Beyond Mind

What is Enlightenment? Can it be attained or it just happens? Is it in the realm of being or becoming? Can it be achieved collectively or is it peculiar to an individual? Is an enlightened being different from ordinary beings? Can, or to what extent, accomplishments of the mind be construed as a form of enlightenment? Or, is Enlightenment really beyond mind? These are questions of perennial philosophy and have never been answered definitively. Perhaps, on the mundane level, Enlighten

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