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National Integration: An Unending Saga

The concept of a nation, or a geographical unit with its inhabitants sharing certain basic commonalities, is a modern one. It can be said to have evolved in the 19th century, when national consciousness became a potent force, cutting across regional divides. The existence of state, which is predominantly a political entity, has by far preceded that of a nation, a cultural entity empowering its inhabitants with a certain sense of belongingness. The effort towards synthesising the two concepts into a nation state is termed as national integration.

India ‘s existence as a cultural entity can be traced back… (1099 more words) …

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Real Education: The Key to Human Values

Real Education is a rendezvous with one self. It’s a journey ensuring the greatest of all destinations for mankind, a learning process during which an individual makes sense out of jumbled alphabets scribbled on his life’s blackboard.

A child is born as soft clay, ready to be mould in the way the significant others in his life wish. So, the safe hands on the fast moving wheel should give the best possible touch to get a magnificent shape as an outcome, not in the least disturbing ‘God’s Gift’ inside! Therefore parents should provide the optimal conditions for an encouraging and… (705 more words) …

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