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Challenges to Democracy in India

When former US President Woodrow Wilson uttered that, democracy to him is the release of energies of every human being; he was not just making a statement. He underline a Universal truth. The very existence of India as a nation rests on the democratic ideas. But today the democratic legitimacy of the state in India is in question because the electoral process is vitiated by money and muscle power. The attempts to develop grassroots democratic institutions and to build decentralized democratic structures at the regional levels in response to the growing demands of some ethic groups do not seem to… (2915 more words) …

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Sustainable Development: Towards A Brighter Future

We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive - Albert Einstein

Today, many resource economists and scientists fear that mankind may be consuming and destroying the living and non-living natural foundations upon which our lives depend. If we continue on our current path, a catastrophe of fearful dimensions may befall the human family. And as we look deeply into the question of how to make a better world, every thing leads to one essential fact: most of our current activities are not sustainable. In spite of the laudable efforts for conservation and recycling, the… (1559 more words) …

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