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An Eclipsed Childhood under the Shadow of Labour

Child is the future of mankind. Every child has the potential to be a great man, the potential given a chance to touch the stars. Yet. many children do not meet such a grand picture of reality in their lives.

Under the looming shadow of child labour millions of children are prevented from growing, they are prevented from enjoying their one and only childhood, they are simply denied the right

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Economic reforms: A long way to go

In response to a fiscal and balance of payments crisis in 1991, India launched a programme of economic policy reforms. The programme, consisting of stabilization-cum-structural adjustment measures, was put in place with a view to attain macroeconomic stability and higher rates of economic growth. Some rethinking on economic policy had begun in the early 1980s, by when the limitations of the earlier strategy based upon import substitution, public sector dominance

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