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Should Media have unfettered Freedom of Expression?

“People without reliable news, Are people without democracy”

This statement aptly highlights the importance of media in our daily lives. We remain in constant touch with the happenings in our surroundings as well as in the distant parts of the global world mainly because of media services. In order to reach to any conclusion regarding the degree of freedom of expression granted and whether it needs to be curbed or not, it is pertinent to understand the role played by media in our society as well as its functional and dysfunctional manifestations.

Media, broadly can be divided into Print Media… (1215 more words) …

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Global Peace

The concept of peace has the distinction of always having been contemporary or relevant, whatever the age. It is inseparably entwined with the issue of human existence, since to exist, in the case of living beings, must always extend to imply co-existence as well. A definition of peace, shorn of all its technical and doctrinal pretensions, basically means harmony, not only among nature’s creations but between nature and man as well. As civilization has progressed, the concept of existence has widened to embrace global existence while isolated nationalism was discarded in favour of interdependent existence. As is the problem, so… (982 more words) …

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