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Combating AIDS: Need for Mass Awareness

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), unless controlled effectively, will spell disaster for human life. Since the first cases were diagnosed in the USA in 1981, this deadly disease is spreading like wild fire, especially in developing countries. The United Nation programme on AIDS, UNAIDS, reports that a mix of poverty, inefficient public health service, boom trend in population and other like factors make a region vulnerable to this dreaded disease.

AIDS is caused as a result of weakening of human-immuno system by the attack of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This causes loss of resistance of the human body to all kinds… (1036 more words) …

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Practical Aspects of Essay Writing

Choosing a Topic

Choosing the right topic from amongst a number of topics is very crucial. Topics could be political, economic, social, scientific and so on… Now, the first consideration should be your area of interest. If you are interested in political issues, prefer that one. If in social or scientific issues, choose a topic from that area. Don’t reject a particular topic on the ground that you don’t have the facts ready. In fact, most of the topics are such that you wont be having much factual knowledge about them. What the examiner expects from you is not a… (516 more words) …

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