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Indian Culture: A Myth or Reality?

Cultural diversity is an inalienable part of the human race. This is so because the culture of a country is moulded by the geographical set up and the historical background among other various factors. This fact is more than true for an extensive and varied country like India. ‘A crucible of cultures’ is an oft used phrase in the context of India. Hence, a discussion on the Indian culture as a homogeneous whole becomes a complex process. We cannot disregard the important pointers of space and time.

Culture can be defined as patterns of learned behaviour which are transferred from… (1174 more words) …

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Enlightenment is Beyond Mind

What is Enlightenment? Can it be attained or it just happens? Is it in the realm of being or becoming? Can it be achieved collectively or is it peculiar to an individual? Is an enlightened being different from ordinary beings? Can, or to what extent, accomplishments of the mind be construed as a form of enlightenment? Or, is Enlightenment really beyond mind? These are questions of perennial philosophy and have never been answered definitively. Perhaps, on the mundane level, Enlightenment is seeking rather than finding, far less it is keeping and possessing.

We live in a scientific age but science… (1554 more words) …

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