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The Art of Writing

Writing holds the key to an effective essay: It forms the core for conveying ideas from your mind to paper. The hallmarks of good writing, are the hallmarks of a good communication. The ABCs of this art are:

A: Accuracy, appropriateness, attentiveness to your reader, avoidance of ambiguity.

B: Brevity or conciseness, brightness or buoyancy

C: Correctness (of usage and grammar), clarity, consistency, concreteness

Language skill is not developed overnight. It demands effort and per

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How to Write a Good Essay

In everyday life we observe people discussing and debating on various issues. In doing so they try to outwit others. But when it comes to writing most of us grow cold. For instance, the issue of terrorism and its threat to world place is such a relevant and significant issue that everbody has some or the other opinion on the same. But if one is told to put his ideas on paper, it becomes a daunting task. Why is that so? It that because writing not only requires analytical thinking, but

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