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Poverty: The Curse of Humanity

Christ said, “Blessed are the poor, for to them belongs the kingdom of God. ”

True, the kingdom of God may belong to them but not this space, The World. Babies crying for milk, people dying of hunger, lakhs of children picking rags in garbage dumps and those millions homeless, all stick out as shameful labels on the face of our civilisation. Humanity cannot prosper and flourish so long as this ‘Curse of Humanity’ is present on Earth.

It is the attribute called humanity that disti

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Indian Culture: A Myth or Reality?

Cultural diversity is an inalienable part of the human race. This is so because the culture of a country is moulded by the geographical set up and the historical background among other various factors. This fact is more than true for an extensive and varied country like India. ‘A crucible of cultures’ is an oft used phrase in the context of India. Hence, a discussion on the Indian culture as a homogeneous whole becomes a complex process. We cannot disregard the important pointers of

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