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Learning is a form of liberation

“Purnam Purnat Udachyate” – means perfect comes from perfect. This is the law of natural development. A new born baby is a perfect whole, so is the young man of twenty. Learning helps in making the former ‘small perfect’ to the latter ‘large perfect’. That is why education is rightly defined as the manifestation of the perfection that clearly exists is man.

A new born baby has in him/her all the potentialities that can be brought out, like the atoms of uranium having the unimaginab

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Should Media have unfettered Freedom of Expression?

“People without reliable news, Are people without democracy”

This statement aptly highlights the importance of media in our daily lives. We remain in constant touch with the happenings in our surroundings as well as in the distant parts of the global world mainly because of media services. In order to reach to any conclusion regarding the degree of freedom of expression granted and whether it needs to be curbed or not, it is pertinent to understand the role played by media in our so

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