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People’s Participation: The Key to Sustainable Development

Sustainable development refers to the development that meets the needs of the present generations – of all sectors of economy and all sections of society, without compromising on the ability of all the generations to come, to do so. It is the ideal state of balance between preservation and productivity; ecology and economy; and present and future. Development, the benefits of which reach every single individual is sustainable. And for

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Are Religion and Rationality at loggerheads?

Religion and Rationality, both constitutes an important aspect of human existence. Since ages they have defined our objective in life, our world-view, our aspirations, and also the means to achieve those aims and aspirations. However in order to reach to any conclusion regarding the relation between religion and rationality, it is pertinent to understand what constitutes religion and rationality, the role they are playing in society, and whether religion and

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