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Appeared in Year: 2017

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Write an essay in about 600 words on the following topic:

Uses and Abuses of Social Networking


“Social network represent the digital reflection of what human do: we connect and share”

Social networking refers to the use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with each other users or to find people with similar interests to one՚s own. This is revolutionizing the communication. Social networking includes majorly the social websites which are basis of communication.

Social networks evolved since the internet technology was first developed in the 1960s. One of the first online communities was Usenet.

The intensification of the internet age has enabled us to live a life at faster hop. Social networking provides access of information in better way. It provides active involvement with other people and helps in improving world awareness. Politics, social problem, population, health and economy were the things that younger people lack interest in but with emergence of social networking they face the world՚s problems and share their opinions. The social networking also provides advantages such as:

  1. Professional networking
  2. Guaranteed meeting place
  3. Commonality of interest
  4. Real time information sharing
  5. Target advertising
  6. Increased new cycle speed etc.

But the ongoing popularity or dependence of internet and social networking carries not only positive but also negative effects.

It may encourage exploitation and abuse which may lead to the very antagonistic effect on life of people. As it is very well known that social networking is product of technology and technology brings new kind of crime. Sometimes social networking will be responsible to behavioral tendencies and consequences. Example: disturbing behavior of teens and children, anxiety, depression, addiction etc. some of the threats of social networking are:

  1. Cyber bullying and crime against children.
  2. Risk of fraud and identity theft.
  3. Time waster.
  4. Corporate invasion of privacy etc.

    Social networking influence in future can again have two side:

(i) Positive Influence

  • Through social networking people will obtain more convenient ways of living. Holding meetings and discussion forums using social networks will make time for the busy business-men to spend more time with their family.

(ii) Negative Influence

  • Although the social networks can conduct many positive influences, they impose negative ones at the same time. The major drawback is that people may start to lose physical communication and interaction in the real world.
  • Along with benefits of social networking it may also possess the hidden cognitive costs.
  • But it is clearly evident that social networking is powerful and useful means of excising one՚s freedom of speech and expression. However it՚s on human behavior how to accept any technology in one՚s life as a boon or curse.