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Creativity: Guilford Theory


Guilford Theory

Joy Paul Guilford, an American psychologist made great contributions to the study of creativity and intelligence and proposed factor analysis for the assessment of personality & also psychometric studies of creativity and intelligence. His major contributions to the field of psychology are as follows:

Guilfords Contribution

Structure of Intellect

It is a three-dimensional model of intelligence proposed by Guilford. According to him intelligence is not a unitary concept but it has three dimensions or aspects. They are:

  • Operation: it involves cognition, memory,…

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Thinking: Units of Thought and Tools of Thinking


Units of Thought

  • Images: Mental representation that has picture-like qualities; an icon. Mental imagery involves many different senses.
  • Muscular responses: Internal representations of events in terms of generated, remembered, or imagined muscular sensations.
  • Concepts: Generalized idea representing a category or class of objects or events grouped together on some basis.
  • Language or symbols: Body of words, or symbols, and rul…

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