GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Thinking-Intelligence Study Material (Page 9 of 16)

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IQ: Limitations of IQ Tests and Deviation IQ


Limitations of IQ Tests

  • Cultural Biasness: IQ tests can only be conducted with the specified rules. E. g. , when blacks are tested on test standardized for whites then cultural biasness takes place.
  • Language: IQ tests are limited in use by the language in which they are written and cannot be applied to population speaking other languages.
  • Pigeon Hole Effect or Categorization: It fails to account for the rate of intellectual growth. Thus, IQ tests might prematurely lock children into categories. Once children are categorized, teachers expectation can influence their perception of child’s perfor

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IQ: Constancy of IQ and Flynn Effect


Constancy of IQ

IQ is a measure of defining relative brightness or intellectual possibilities of an individual and it remains practically constant. Under ordinary circumstances, an individual’s IQ is supposed to remain constant throughout life or at least throughout the age limits covered by IQ scale. This property of IQ is called as constancy of IQ.

Flynn Effect

Flynn Effect was discovered by Richard Lynn (Lynn, 1977) & named for James R. Flynn is worldwide increase in IQ scores of about 3 IQ points per decade. That is, people today score higher on an old IQ test than people the same age did who took the s

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