GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Sensation and Perception-Sensation & Perception Theories, Applications and Issues Study Material (Page 5 of 10)

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Theories of Pain Perception: Explanations to Phantom Pain


Explanations to Phantom Pain

  • Neuroma Explanation: Remaining nerves in the stump grow into nodules (neuromas) at the end of the stump continue to fire signals. Signals follow the same pathways the brain as when the appendage existed.
  • Spinal Cord Explanation: Neurons in the spinal cord that are no longer receiving information from the lost appendage continue to send information to the brain. Problem: Studies have shown that when areas in the spinal cord are severed often feelings are still being perceived from areas that meet the spinal cord below separation in spinal cord.
  • Brain Explanation: Signals in the somatosensory circuits of the brain change when th

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Selective Perception: Factors in Selective Perception


Selective perception may refer to any number of cognitive biases in psychology related to the way expectations affect perception.

In one classic study on this subject related to the hostile media effect (excellent example of selective perception), viewers watched a filmstrip of a particularly violent Princeton-Dartmouth American football game. Princeton viewers reported seeing nearly twice as many rule infractions committed by the Dartmouth team than did Dartmouth viewers. One Dartmouth alumnus did not see any infractions committed by the Dartmouth side and erroneously assumed he had been sent only part of the film, sending word req

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