GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Personality-Personality and Behavior Study Material (Page 9 of 15)

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Trait Approach: Cattell՚s Analysis Equation and Limitations of Trait Theory


Cattell՚S Analysis Equation


= Ergs: Constitutional, dynamic, source trait

= Sentiments: Environmental, these mold dynamic source trait

Differences between Trait and Type Approach
Trait ApproachType Approach
Of newer originOf ancient origin
Description of person՚s position on number of items extracted from total fieldNo logical barriers and does not produce evidence needed to gain support
Cultural influence taken into account to make theory effectiveHolds outmoded concept of personality and neglects cultural influences
Describes comprehensive variables to develop the whole personality sphereBased on common observation that personalities of at least some people revolve around the dominant characteristics

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Type-Cum-Trait Approach: Eysenck՚s Theory


Eysenck՚S Theory

For years, biological theory played a significant role in the field of human development and personality. Toward the beginning of the 20th Century, however, views began to change and personality was seen as involving both biology and environment. Hans Eysenck, however, fought against th…

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