GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Personality-Personality and Behavior Study Material (Page 15 of 15)

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Learning Approach: Dollard and Miller՚s Learning Reinforcement Theory and Bandura and Walter՚s Social Learning Theory


This approach gives emphasis on importance of learning and objectivity

Dollard and Miller՚S Learning Reinforcement Theory

In this theory, they tried to substitute

  • Freud՚s concept of pleasure with concept of reinforcement,
  • Concept of ego with concept of learned drive and learned skills
  • Concept of conflict with competing reinforcers

They tried to describe the development of perso…

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Existential Theory by Rollo May


Existentialists emphasized a balance between freedom and responsibility.

Rollo May discussed the following stages:

  • Innocence: Pre-egoic, pre-self-conscious stage of the infant. The innocent is premoral, i.e.. is neither bad nor good.
  • Rebellion: Childhood and adolescent stage of developing one՚s ego or self-consciousness by means of contrast with adults, from the “no” of the two year old to the “no way” of the teenager.
  • Ordi…

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