GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Personality-Personality and Behavior Study Material (Page 13 of 15)

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Psychoanalytic Approach: Adler՚s Theory of Individual Approach


Adler՚S Theory of Individual Approach

Alfred Adler postulates a single drive or motivating force behind all behavior and experience; he called this force the striving for perfection. It is the desire to fulfill potentials, to come closer and closer to ideal. It is very similar to self-actualization.

Concept of Life Style

Adler felt that, people have to be understood as unified wholes than as a collection of bits and pieces (like in Freud՚s theory, which divided the person into Id, Ego and Superego) , and they have to be understood in the context of their environment, both physical and social. This approach is called holism and is incorporated in Adler՚s theory in two ways

  • To reflect …

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Humanistic Approach: Maslow՚s Self-Actualization Theory


Maslow՚S Self-Actualization Theory

According to this theory, human beings are good and neutral rather than evil and there lies in everyone an impulse or carving towards growth and fulfillment of potentials. The goal is to seek self-actualization tha…

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