GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Personality-Personality and Behavior Study Material (Page 11 of 15)

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Psychoanalytic Approach: Contribution and Criticism of Freud Theories


Contribution of Freud Theories

  • Freud believed that all individuals have intelligence
  • It gives significance of motivation
  • It gives importance of anxiety
  • Conclusions are experimentally verifiable
  • Explains the role of unconsciousness
  • Takes into account the broader cultural scene around an individual

Criticism of Freud՚S Theories

  • Unreliability of data
  • Unverified theoretical constructs
  • Use of fictional concepts
  • Lack of quantification
  • Use of intervening variable
  • Overemphas…

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Psychoanalytic Approach: Freud՚s Defense Mechanisms and Types of Defense Mechanisms


Freud՚S Defense Mechanisms

Freuds Defense Mechanisms
DenialArguing against an anxiety provoking stimuli by stating it doesn՚t existDenying doctor՚s diagnosis of cancer and seek second opinion.
DisplacementTake out impulses on less threatening targetSlam a door rather than hit the person, shout at spouse after an argument at office.

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