GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Measurement and Methodology-Scientific Method and the Evaluation of Evidence Study Material (Page 7 of 17)

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Observation: Steps in Observation and when Observation Should be Made?


Steps in Observation

Observation consists of following steps

  • Preparing adequate plan
  • Observing behavior
  • Recording behavior
  • Documenting results
  • Discussing results and formulating generalizations

When Observation Should be Made?

  • Subject is completely involved in an activity
  • Subject does not know what is happening
  • Other sources of data are inadequate
  • Event is transitory and subject is unable to pay attent

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Observation: Types of Observation


Types of Observation

  • Simple Uncontrolled Observation: Psychologists carefully scrutinizes real life situations, not attempting to use instruments of precision or check accuracy of phenomena. For example, discovering imprinting as ducklings and some other birds form close attachment to first moving figure they see after hatching. Limitations:
    • Inability to provide accurate results
    • No control over observer
    • Biased observation
    • Different results by different people in same or different situations
    • Results lack objectivity
    • Unsystematic
    • People under st

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