GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Measurement and Methodology-Scientific Method and the Evaluation of Evidence Study Material (Page 15 of 18)

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Scientific Research: Important Definition, Characteristics of Scientific Research and Difficulties in Carrying Out Scientific Research in Social Sciences


Scientific Research

Research Methodology: 5 Steps, 4 Types and 7 Ethics

Process of knowing new facts and verifying old ones with scientific methods is scientific research. Scientific methods arrive at uniform explanation of laws governing natural phenomena and provide way for scientific research.


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Types of Scientific Research: Laboratory Experiment


Table 7: Types of psychological research

Laboratory Experiment

Experiment is an observation under controlled conditions. Laboratory experiments are carried out under artificially controlled situations in which few variables are manipulated to see the effect on few other variables.

Independent Variables: These are manipulated by the experimenter.

Dependent Variables: Dependent variables measured by experimenter to find effect of manipulated independent variables.

Extraneous Variables: These are certain other variables, which may influence dependent variables, but experimenter tries to control such variables to isolate the impact of independent variable.

Merits of Laboratory Experiment

  • Provides controlled con…

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