GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Measurement and Methodology-Scientific Method and the Evaluation of Evidence Study Material (Page 10 of 18)

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Rating Scales: Types of Rating Scales: Itemized Rating Scales


Types of Rating Scales

Itemized Rating Scales

These scales are different from continuous rating scales. They have a number of brief descriptions associated with each category. They essentially take the form of the multiple-choice questions. The most common scales are Likert, Semantic, Staple, Multiple Dimension, Thurstone, and Guttman scale.

Thurstone Scale

It is also known as equal appearing interval scales. It is used to measure the attitude towards a given concept or construct. It is and interval scale constructed in the following manner

Steps …

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Rating Scales: Types of Rating Scale: Graphic Rating Scale


Types of Rating Scale

Graphic Rating Scale

In this scale, the respondents rate the objects by placing a mark at the appropriate position on a line that runs from one extreme of the criterion variable to another. Because the respondent՚s response can occupy any position on the line this techn…

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