GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Lifespan Development-Social and Personality Study Material (Page 2 of 2)

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Culture and Personality: Principal Concepts


Principal Concepts

  • Basic Personality Structure Approach: This approach was developed jointly by Abram Kardiner and Ralph Linton in response to the configurationalist approach. Kardiner and Linton did not believe that culture types were adequate for differentiating societies. Instead, they offered a new approach, which looked at individual members within a society and then compared the traits of these members in order to achieve a basic personality for each culture.
  • Configurational Approach: Edward Sapir and Ruth Benedict developed this school of thought early in the culture and personality studies. The configurationalist approach believes that culture takes on t…

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Culture and Personality: Methodologies



  • Clinical Interviews: Clinical interviews combine a psychologist or anthropologist with a member of the society. Through a variety of methods, whether passive such as through dream analysis and free association or active such as pointed questions that lead to probing answers, the professional is able to record and attempt to understand the internal thoughts and motivations of an individual within a society.
  • Dream Analysis: A part of Freud՚s psychoanalysis, dream analysis attempts to seek out the repressed emotions of a person by peeling back the subconscious. This is…

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