GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Lifespan Development-Physical and Motor Study Material (Page 2 of 4)

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Developmental Psychology: Speech Development, Cognitive Development


Speech Development

  • Early vocalizations are largely motor responses and show a definite sequence of development. Infants of all nations and cultures tend to make the same sounds in the same sequence. Later, sounds not used in the infant՚s language disappear — presumably through extinction — while useful sounds are strengthened through reinforcement.
  • On the average, babies pronounce recognizable syllables by the third month. The first word is spoken around the end of the first year. These single words soon express complex meanings. One- and two-word phrases, called holophrases (like “Daddy go” or “more juice” ) , occur between 18 and 2…

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Learning and Maturation: Learning



Learning can be defined as the process leading to relatively permanent behavioral change or potential behavioral change. In other words, learning alters the way individuals perceive their environment, the way they interpret the incoming stimuli, and therefore the way they interact, or behave. Behavior potential designates the possible behavior of an individual, not actual behavior. As opposed to short-term changes in behavior potential (caused e. g. by fatigue) learning implies long-term changes. As opposed to long…

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