GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Lifespan Development-Emotion Study Material (Page 1 of 8)

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Theories of Emotion: Donald B Lindsley՚s Activation Theory


Emotion is closely related to other concepts like personality, temperament, mood and motivation. There are different types of theories which try to explain about emotion. It mainly includes physiological theories, neurological theories and cognitive theories.

Donald B Lindsley՚S Activation Theory

Lindsley was a physiological psychologist who studied about the functioning of human brain during 1945. During this time, the theory about sleep and waking assumed that the sensory-motor schema determines the organization of brain and behavior.

Lindsley challenged this theory. It was when he accidentally found a brain system among the anesthetized cats while experimenting about spinal…

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Concept and Definition of Emotion: Important Definition


Word emotion comes from “Emover” (Latin word) which means, to move, stir and agitate i.e.. , it is stirred up stage of an organism which initiates and directs behavior. It is a conscious experience arising in specific kind of situation accompanied by disturbing physical or mental change both internal and external to the body.

Important Definition

According to Woodworth, each emotion is a feeling and each is at same time a motor set.

According to P. T. Young, emotion is acute disturbance of individual as a whole, psychological in origin, involving behavior, conscious experience, and visceral functioning.

According to Eysenck, it is applied to distinctive category of experience.

According to Morgan, e…

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