GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Learning-Learning Theories, Applications and Issues Study Material (Page 6 of 15)

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Thorndike՚s Theory: Related Concepts


Related Concepts

Transfer of Learning

Learning from one situation can be transferred to a new situation. The successful transfer depends on availability of identical elements in original and new learning situations. This transfer is specific to each new situation and not general.

Concept of Belongingness

According to it, connections get established readily if person perceives stimuli and responses go together. Thus, a student who thinks study and good grades go together would be more motivated to study.

Polarity Concept

It assures that connections occur more conveniently in same direction rather than opposite. That is it is easier to increase response by increasing stimulus rather than the opposite.


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Thorndike՚s Theory: Principles and Characteristics of Thorndike՚s Theory


Principles of Thorndike՚S Theory

Thorndike՚s theory is based on following principles

  • Learning needs both practice and rewards (laws of effect, law of exercise) .
  • S-R connections belonging to same action sequence are chained (law of readiness) .
  • …

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