GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Learning-Learning Theories, Applications and Issues Study Material (Page 1 of 15)

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Insight and Sign Learning


Insight Learning

  • Learning through insight: the sudden perception of relationships among various parts of a problem, allowing the solution to the problem to come quickly.
  • Experiment: Wolfgang Kohler: Chimpanzee-Sultan
  • Task: to catch banana above the cage outside.
  • Instruments in cage: two separate sticks.
  • Result: After many trial and errors, at last Sultan joined two sticks and made it one large stick and reached to the bananas.

Sign Learning

  • Proponent: Edward Tolman
  • Sign learning: An…

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What is Not Learning? : Sensitization, Habituation and Behavioral Changes Due to Motivation


Relatively permanent behavioral change occurring by experience is called learning. Learning types vary in procedures and elements needed to produce learning. Learning is psychologically defined as the relatively lasting change in behavior that is the result of experience. Note that behavior is simply a response to stimuli. Therefore, the theories of leanings focus on responses and stimuli. First, let us understand what is not learning.

Important Definitions

  • According to Underwood, learning is the acquisition of new responses or the enhanced execution of old ones.
  • According to Munn, learning is a permanent progressive modification of behavior. This special process results from observation or training.

Sensitization and Habitua…

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