GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Langauge-Langauge Theories, Applications and Issues Study Material (Page 2 of 4)

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Stages of Language Development


Harlod Vetter and Richard Howell described four stages of language development as:

  • Pre-linguistic Stage: These are child՚s first attempt to develop phonemic system of his native tongue. In the first month child cries in response to language. In the sixth month babbling starts and in the eighth month child engages in echolalia (repeating words over and over) and imitates sounds produced by others.
  • Holophrase or One Word Utterances Stage: This happens between 10 and 13 months of stage, during the last part of sensorimotor per…

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Theories of Language Development: Classical Conditioning Theory


The language theories are broadly classified in as nativistic and empiricist.

  • Nativistic psycholinguistics believe that human language is predicated on biologically determined neural processes which provide every child with specific ability to organize sounds into words and then into sentences.
  • Empiricists believe that language is …

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