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Biomedical Therapies

  • Biomedical therapies use biological techniques so as to cater relief from psychological disorders. Majorly, drug therapy is used for this in which antianxiety drugs (Valium, Xanax) are prescribed for anxiety disorders; antipsychotic drugs (Haldol, Navane) are given to cure schizophrenia, antidepressants (Prozac, Zoloft) are prescribed so that patient gets relief from depression, and mood stabilizers (lithium) can stabilize bipolar disorders. Though drug therapy has many advantages, it has certain drawbacks such as dealing with dosage levels, side effects, and patient cooperation.
  • Earlier treated with Psychosurgeries, now serious depression problem is treated with Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). This is used only when… (16 more words) …

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Group and Family Therapies

  • This therapy has advantages of being less expensive and more available unlike individual therapy. Also it helps to give group support, feedback, information, and opportunities for behavior rehearsal. Another type of group therapy is the self-help group (like Alcoholics Anonymous). This is not run by a professional.
  • Family, as a whole has many problems as there are different types of people in it. The aim of family therapy is to change maladaptive family interaction patterns.
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Understanding Family Group Therapy

What is Family Group Therapy?

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