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  • Psychoanalysis or “analysis” is a unique from of psychotherapy. When a patient is given psychoanalytic treatment, he is given appointment to meet the analyst almost 4 - 5 times a week and the treatment may continue for years together (as opposed to one to two times per week for most other therapies). Portrayals of classic psychoanalysis (as seen in the movie Harold and Maude) often include a reclining patient facing
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Cognitive and Humanistic Therapies

  • Cognitive therapy states how important faulty thought processes, beliefs, and negative self-talk are, because they are used to create problem behaviors. Ellis’ rational-emotive therapy wants that irrational belief of people should be replaced with rational thoughts and perceptions. On the other hand, Beck’s cognitive-behavior therapy emphasizes both, change in thought processes as well as behavior.
  • When all the theories are evaluated, Beck’s theory proves to be the best for relieving
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