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Psychopharmacology is not a school of thought but it is the way of treatment of person’s mind issues. In this therapy, medication is used to get out of mental trauma. As seen above, some therapies take the person into past while others just give temporary solutions. The real treatment when the person is able to change his inner chemical composition completely which helps him to lead a blissful life.


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Psychoanalysis/Psychodynamic Therapies

  • Sigmund Freud gave the psychoanalytic method of therapy which aimed at bringing out the internal unconscious conflicts of the mind into conscious awareness so that they can be treated. The five major techniques of psychoanalysis are free association, dream analysis, analyzing resistance, analyzing transference, and interpretation.
  • However psychoanalysis has been criticized on the grounds that it is available to only small group of people, it is costly and time-consuming and
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