GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology Clinical and Abnormal Psychology-Treatment of Disorders Study Material (Page 14 of 19)

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Cognitive Therapy: Cognitive Therapy Techniques


Cognitive therapy seeks to help the patient overcome difficulties by identifying and changing dysfunctional thinking, behavior, and emotional responses. This involves helping patients develop skills for modifying beliefs, identifying distorted thinking, relating to others in different ways, and changing behaviors. It assumes that maladaptive behavior comes from maladaptive ideas and modifies cognitions by cognitive restructuring. The goal is to identify and alter cognitive distortions, which cause symptoms.

Cognitive Therapy Techniques

  • Stimulation: Used majorly for treatment of dementia, sessions aim to actively stimulate and engage people with dementia, whilst providing an optimal learning environment and the social…

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Cognitive Therapies: Types of Cognitive Therapies


Types of Cognitive Therapies

  • Rationale Motive Therapy by Ellis (1962) : This is based on the belief that most problems originate in irrational thought. This therapy explains internal cognitive interpretations of patient՚s own behavior and therapist explores and probes the behavior. For example, an individual may think he or she is very intelligent and set standards for himself or herself, failing in which may cause depression and lead to failure. Therapist uncovers such wrong notions.
  • Beck՚s Cognitive Therapy: This therapy mainly focuses on changing the pessimistic, rigid, and narrow conception of li…

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