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Important treatments in Clinical Psychology

  • Psychodynamic theory is a general term combining and referring to all the theories (such as client-centered, Gestalt, or existential) that have been stated and propagated until now. These all theories are theories which are optimistic about the human nature, their mind and behavior.
  • Play therapy is used with children so that they might express the feelings and emotions which might have remained unexpressed otherwise.
  • Electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT) is a therapy generally used …

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Behavior Therapies

  • Behavior therapies make use of learning principles so that maladaptive behaviors can be changed. Associations can be well changed with the help of classical conditioning principles. In other therapy known as systematic desensitization, the client is helped to replace anxiety with relaxation, and in aversion therapy, an aversive stimulus is paired with a maladaptive behavior.
  • Shaping, reinforcement, punishment, and extinction are behavioral therapy techniques based on operant conditio…

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