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Major contributors in Clinical Psychology

  • Hans Eysenck criticized the effectiveness of psychotherapy stating that the treatment is not at all useful. It plays the same effect as giving no treatment at all. However his point was not accepted and he was criticized.
  • Anna Freud applied Freudian ideas to child psychology and development.
  • Melanie Klein started to apply the object-relations theory and psychoanalysis with children.
  • Neo-Freudians accepted some of Freud’s ideas and reject others.
  • Karen Horney stated that human mind works more as society norms dictates than he is dictated by his instinct. She says that neuroticism is nothing but your movement towards or against the… (100 more words) …

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Existential Theory

  • Existential theory was propagated by Victor Frankl. Existential theory revolves around age-old philosophical issues, particularly the issues of meaning. The task that a human mind is continuously into is its doubts of what he is surviving for, what is his real being, is he there or not there, what world is this and so on and so forth.
  • Basis: When the individual consistently thinks about meaninglessness in life, what arouses is neurosis or neurotic anxiety (as opposed to normal or justified anxiety).
  • Therapy: While treatment, the therapist discusses about what the individual perceives about his being and what… (40 more words) …

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