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Client-Centered Theory

Client Centered theory was proposed by Carl Rogers. This theory is also known as person-centered or Rogerian theory. This theory poses optimistic look towards human nature. This theory says that man has a tendency to actualize his real potential and express and present it to the world, struggling and winning through the struggles he is going through internally. This is best accomplished in an atmosphere that fosters growth.

Basis: People who are not able to develop understanding between their real selves and their conscious self-concept become prone to psychological tension. When the person’s thoughts does not match up to… (240 more words) …

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Individual Theory

  • This theory was propagated by Adler. Adler was a colleague of Freud. He did not find Freud’s theory and created his own theory which stated the men are actually more creative and social. His theory is contradictory to Freud’s negative and structural theory. The individual theory states that the person goes on continuous process of becoming one own ‘self’, the one thing that he has been made for. He tries to pursue the self through self-made goals which define his own self. He works and strives hard with the quest he carries. For this, he is motivated by the negative… (313 more words) …

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