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Cognitive Theory

  • The originator of cognitive theory was Aaron Beck. Cognitive theory asks a person to be aware of his thought patterns, not emotions or behavior. The Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) is a research equipment which is used most frequently to know how many times depressive symptoms a particular person gets. It is also used sometimes in the clinical setting. The way a person interprets experience, rather than the experience itself, is what is more important.
  • Basis: The awareness when taken to a wrong point or level disturbs the peace of a person and thereby he behaves abnormally. Various types of… (194 more words) …

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Analytical Theory

  • Analytical theory was given by Carl Gustav Jung.
  • Carl Jung was one of Freud’s most beloved student. He did not agree to the theory proposed by Freud and broke away from him to form his own theory. His disagreed to the emphasis lead by Freud on sex. He believed that the psyche of a person was more directed to life goals and reaching his final goal than towards libido. In each person, the psyche contains conscious and unconscious elements. The unconscious mind of a person is further divided into two types:
  1. Personal unconscious. This material is fed in by… (319 more words) …

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