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Gestalt Theory

  • Gestalt theory was developed by Fritz Perls, Max Wertheimer and Kurt Koffka. Gestalt theory indulges people to get back from the past events and enjoy the present to have its full experience which will lead to belief that you are a complete person.
  • Basis: Abnormal behavior is derived from disturbances of awareness. The client may not be able to look into the present as he might have badly developed the habit of dwelling in the past or he doesn’t want to knowingly acknowledge the events which he think are not good for him.
  • Therapy: The Gestalt therapist engages… (102 more words) …

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Psychoanalytic Theory

  • This theory was proposed by Sigmund Freud.
  • Freud presented the most complex and substantial theory correlating to human nature. For the subject test, you are not expected to know the practical treatment of the topic as it requires years of training but you must the theoretical aspects covering psychoanalytic vocabulary, history and structure of the theory.
  • The views of this theory present contradictory views as human element is involved. He stated that the conflict continuously goes on in the mind of a man and this is carried by different drives (particularly conscious and unconscious) which want to express it. Initially,… (486 more words) …

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