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Disorders often Diagnosed in Childhood/Adolescence

  • Mental retardation: Indicated by the level of IQ in a child which is 70 or below. The retardation is mild if IQ level is in the range of 55 - 70, moderate if it ranges between 40 - 55, severe in the range of 25 - 40 and profound if the level is below 25.
  • Learning disorders: This disorder parents get to know from the performance the kid
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Delirium, Dementia, Other Cognitive Disorders

  • Delirium: This disorder comes to notice when consciousness gets disturbed (awareness, attention, focus) and cognition (memory, disorientation).
  • Dementia: This disorder is related to cognitive problems (with memory, spatial tasks, or language) which are due to a medical condition; may be due to the effect of Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s (tremors with declining neurological functioning), Huntington’s disease (genetically inherited progressive degeneration of thought, emotion, and movement), or Pick’s disease (disease of
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