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Factitious Disorder

Creating physical complaints through fabrication or self-infliction (ingesting toxins, for example) in order to assume the sick role.

Mood Disorders

Mood disorder is a major depressive disorder. This sort of disorder is majorly seen in females and they experience the episode going in a depressed mood. In this type of disorder there is loss of usual interests, changes in weight or sleep, low energy, feelings of worthlessness, or thoughts of death. This is the disorder which goes on continuously for minimum two weeks constantly.

  • Dysthymic disorder. In this type of disorder, the person in always in low mood but doesn’t actually pass through a depressing situation or event.
  • Bipolar disorder. This disorder also referred to as manic depression… (34 more words) …

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Somatoform Disorder

These disorders are the one in which a person loses his ability to perform any function physically.

  1. Conversion disorder: This type of disorders of mind lead to particular bodily movement and may be manifested as “paralysis” in part of the body. This disorder was formerly known as “hysteria, ” from Freud’s work.
  2. Hypochondriasis: In this disorder, the person is under continuous fear of having a serious disease.
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