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What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology can be defined as the overall study of the matter, its interpretation and deriving its conclusion in the way of treatment from the study made of mental and emotional disorders. The term “disorder” is not so clarified and has been used casually. It refers to any of the minor problems that a person faces in life to the biggest actual psychological problems (abnormal psychology). This chapter covers the theories of the major schools of thought, their differing approaches regarding abnormal behavior and treatment given for the same, and descriptions of common psychological disorders. Of course, abnormal theory and… (16 more words) …

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Anxiety Disorders

When a person is anxious, the one common thing that occurs in many of the individuals is panic attack. This attack lasts for few minutes, usually less than 10 minutes and the person experiences the feelings of fear, danger at its extreme level. He almost gets mad and often feels as if he is dying when this occurs. This he shows through physical manifestations such as sweating, trembling, pounding heart, and more. While generalized anxiety disorder is frequently treated with anxiolytics, specific anxiety disorders (such as the ones listed below) are usually treated with behavioral therapies in which the patient… (216 more words) …

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