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We have a total of 605 Study Material available on GRE (Graduate Record Examinations) Psychology. Browse the Study Material below by topics and subtopics. Numbers in brackets indicate the number of Study Material available on that topic-subtopic.

Learning (56)

Classical Conditioning (7)

Instrumental Conditioning (16)

Observational Learning, Modeling (1)

Learning Theories, Applications and Issues (32)

Langauge (18)

Units (Phonemes, Morphemes, Phrases) (2)

Syntax (1)

Meaning (2)

Speech Perception and Processing (6)

Langauge Theories, Applications and Issues (7)

Memory (12)

Working Memory (1)

Memory Systems and Processes (4)

Memory Theories, Applications and Issues (7)

Thinking (62)

Representation (Categorization, Imagery, Schemas, Scripts) (9)

Problem Solving (10)

Planning, Metacognition (2)

Intelligence (33)

Thinking Theories, Applications and Issues (8)

Sensation and Perception (48)

Psychophysics, Signal Detection (3)

Attention (6)

Perceptual Organization (11)

Vision (1)

Audition (2)

Somatosenses (1)

Sensation & Perception Theories, Applications and Issues (24)

Behavioral Neuroscience (19)

Neurons (9)

Sensory Structures and Processes (5)

Central Structures and Processes (2)

Cognitive Neuroscience (1)

Neuroscience Theories, Applications and Issues (2)

Clinical and Abnormal Psychology (122)

Stress, Conflict, Coping (13)

Diagnostic Systems (2)

Assessment (1)

Causes and Development of Disorders (59)

Treatment of Disorders (37)

Abnormal Psychology Theories, Applications and Issues (10)

Lifespan Development (44)

Nature-Nurture (5)

Physical and Motor (7)

Social and Personality (4)

Emotion (18)

Socialization, Family and Cultural Influences (7)

Development Theories, Applications and Issues (3)

Personality (44)

Theories (6)

Assessment (6)

Personality and Behavior (30)

Applications and Issues (2)

Social Psychology (42)

Social Perception, Cognition, Attribution, Beliefs (11)

Attitudes and Behavior (2)

Emotion, Affect and Motivation (1)

Conformity, Influence and Persuasion (2)

Interpersonal Attraction and Close Relationships (1)

Group and Intergroup Processes (21)

Cultural and Gender Influences (1)

Evolutionary Psychology, Altruism and Aggression (1)

Social Psychology Theories, Applications and Issues (2)

General Psychology (13)

History (13)

Measurement and Methodology (125)

Psychometrics, Test Construction, Reliability, Validity (5)

Research Designs (31)

Statistical Procedures (52)

Scientific Method and the Evaluation of Evidence (36)

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