GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Sociology Sociological Theory-Indian Thinkers Study Material (Page 2 of 6)

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M. N Srinivas: Views on Caste, Sanskritization


M. N Sriniva

M. N Srinivas

Views on Caste

Srinivas consider caste as a segmentary system. Every caste, for him, is divided into sub-castes which are -

  • The unit of endogamy;
  • Whose members follow a common occupation;
  • The units of social and ritual life;
  • Members share common culture;
  • Whose members are governed by the same authoritative body, viz … the panchayat
India Social Structure
Social Change in Modern India
Besides These Factors of the Sub-Caste

Besides these factors of the s…

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M. N Srinivas: Idea of Dominant Caste, Criticism


M. N Srinivas

Idea of Dominant Caste

He had defined dominant caste in terms of six attributes placed in conjunction:

  • Sizeable amount of arable land;
  • Strength of numbers;
  • High place in the local hierarchy;
  • Western education;
Idea of Dominant Caste
  • Jobs in the administration; and
  • Urban sources of income.

Of the above attributes of the dominant caste, the following three are important:

Attributes of the Dominant Caste
  • The interesting aspect of this concept is that the ritual ranking of a caste no longer remains the major basis of its position in the social hierarchy . A cast or group …

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