GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Sociology Sociological Concepts-Sociological Concepts Study Material (Page 7 of 9)

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Network: Individuality of Networks, Network Theory, Manuel Hypothesis on Network, Main Disapproval of Manuel Theory

Network Society


  • It differs extensively in their character and process, depending on the particular actors involved, their relations, the level and scope at which they function and the wider background.
  • The performer within a network might be community, families, associations, business, states, or a mixture of individuals and groups. The relations between actors within a network can vary from close ties such as those within a family to infrequent unfriendly or mediated connections.
  • Networks can exist in formless societal surroundings as well as in highly formal rule-bound settings.
  • Community network is a sociological perception for a set of communal …

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Norms and Values: Norms, Types of Norms, Characteristics of Norms, Importance of Norms, Norman Stroreer՚s Norms Category, Values, Characteristics of Values, Types of Values, Significance of Values


Norms and Values

Norms and Values

In a society, there are the ways or rules according to which a person is supposed to exist in a civilization. In every society, there are number of guiding principles, which a person has to pursue.


  • They are exact guide to action, which defines satisfactory and suitable performance in exacting situation. Norms can be seen as appearance of the value placed on person life.
  • Norms are forced by optimistic and unenthusiastic sanction that is rewards and punishment respectively. Sanction can be both formal and Informal.
  • According to Bei…

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